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LED-display 230V AC blue
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LED-display 230V AC blue

Product discontinued, no alternative
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230 V AC/DC
Protection IP40
General data
LED Ø 5 mm
Front panel hole diameter Ø 8 mm
Dimensions H×W×D 18.5×12×53 mm
Connection Faston 2.8×0.8 mm
Housing Adapter - PVC, gray
Temperature range -40...+70 °C
Technical Data
Operating voltage 230 V AC ±10%
Current consumption 5 ±0.5 mA
Protection (IEC 60529/EN 60529) IP40
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Alkuperämää DE
EAN 4048879040945
eClass 27261590
Pakkauskoko 10
Tullinumero 85318070
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