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Diagnostic gateway
Ethernet TCP/IP
Fieldbus 2× M12 (female), D-coded
Internal system connection 8× M12 (female), 6-pole
Supply 2× 7/8" (male/female), 5-pole
Module supply
Operating voltage 24 V DC ±25%
Current consumption max. 200 mA
General data
Protection IP67
Mounting method 2-hole screw mounting
Dimensions H×W×D 42×63×225 mm
Temperature range 0...+55 °C (storage temperature -25...+70 °C)
Cube system
Cube67 system connection yes
Reverse polarity protection module yes
Over voltage protection yes
Kaupalliset tiedot
Alkuperämää DE
EAN 4048879652216
eClass 27242608
Pakkauskoko 1
Tullinumero 85389099
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