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IN: 0..100 kHz - OUT: 0..10 V / (0)4..20 mA
Tuotenro.: 44275
Vaihtoehtoinen tuote:    6644275
Paino: 0.05 kg
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INPUT: 0...1, 0...10, 0...100 kHz
OUTPUT: 0...10 V DC, 0...20 mA, 4...20 mA
Screw terminals
Input and output galvanically separated
Technical Data
Operating voltage 24 V DC ±20%
Operating current max. 80 mA
Response time max. 350 ms
Tolerance 0.5% from end value
General data
Test isolation voltage 2.5 kV
Mounting method DIN-rail mountable (EN 60715)
Temperature range -25...+50 °C
Dimensions H×W×D 90×12.4×70 mm
Voltage inputs
Input voltage 10...30 V DC
Current input signals
Input current 6...25 mA
Input resistor approx. 1.2 kΩ
Voltage output signals
Output signal 0...10 V DC, 0...20 mA, 4...20 mA
Functional description The new frequency converter in the slim MIRO housing can be universally used. The frequency that is applied on the three inputs, will be galvanically isolated, transformed and is available as analog signal on all three outputs.
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Alkuperämää CZ
EAN 4048879028301
eClass 27210990
Pakkauskoko 1
Tullinumero 85437090
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