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M12 female recept. A-cod. front
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M12 female recept. A-cod. front

PVC-wires 5x0.34 0.5m
Tuotenro.: 7000-13561-9020050
Paino: 0.035 kg
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Form 13561
Technical Data
Operating voltage max. 125 V AC/DC
Rated surge voltage 1.5 kV
Operating current per contact max. 4 A
No. of poles 5
Material group IEC 60664-1, category I
Coding A-coded
LED display no
Locking of ports Screw thread (M12×1 mm) recommended torque 0.6 Nm, self-securing
Compression gland M12 (SW14)
Protection IP67 inserted and tightened (EN 60529)
Protection NEMA 3, 4, 6P (UL 50E)
Material Zinc die casting, brass-plated
Locking material Zinc die casting, brass-plated
General data
Standards DIN EN 61076-2-101 (M12)
Material (contact) Copper alloy
Material (contact surface) Au
Material (gasket) FKM
Pollution Degree 3
Temperature range -25...+85 °C
No./diameter of wires 5× 0.34 mm²
Wire isolation PVC (br, wh, bl, bk, gr)
Outer Ø 1.4 mm ±5%
Cable number 902
Temperature range (fixed) -40...+105 °C
Temperature range (mobile) -5...+105 °C
Bend radius (fixed) 5× outer Ø
Kaupalliset tiedot
Alkuperämää DE
EAN 4048879295178
eClass 27279220
Pakkauskoko 1.000
Tullinumero 85444290
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  • Lataus Approval: UL Registered CA 7000-13561-9020050_E224242-ECBT8_URC_Z_B.PDF
  • Lataus Approval: UL Registered US E224242-ECBT2_UR_Z_A.PDF
  • Lataus Approval: UL Registered US 7000-13561-9020050_E224242-ECBT2_UR_Z_B.PDF
  • Lataus Construction files: STP 7000-13561_STP_X_A.ZIP
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