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M12 male 90° A-cod. screw terminal  7000-12841-0000000
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M12 male 90° A-cod. screw terminal

5-pol., max. 0,75mm², 4 - 6mm
Tuotenro.: 7000-12841-0000000
Vaihtoehtoinen tuote:    7000-12851-0000000
Paino: 0.024 kg
Alkuperämää:  DE
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Male 90°
M12, 5-pole
Screw terminals
Sealing range (cable Ø): 4...6 mm
Plastic housings with good resistance against chemicals and oils.
The resistance to aggressive media should be individually tested for your application. Further details on request.

Technical Data
Operating voltage max. 60 V AC/DC
Operating voltage (only UL listed) max. 125 V AC/DC
Rated surge voltage 1.5 kV
Operating current per contact max. 4 A; max. 3 A (UL-Recognized)
Material group III
Locking of ports Screw thread (M12×1 mm) recommended torque 0.6 Nm, self-securing
Connection cross section max. 0.75 mm²
Sealing range (cable Ø) 4...6 mm
Protection IP67 inserted and tightened (EN 60529)
Compression gland M12 (SW18)
Over voltage category II
General data
Pollution Degree 3
Temperature range -40...+85 °C
Material housing PA
Dimensions H×W×D 41×40×20 mm

ECLASS-6.0 27279221
ECLASS-7.0 27440104
ECLASS-8.0 27440104
ECLASS-9.0 27440102
ECLASS-10.1 27440102
ECLASS-11.1 27440102
ECLASS-12.0 27440116
ETIM-5.0 EC002635
EAN 4048879201599
Pakkauskoko 1
Tullinumero 85366990

  • Lataus Tuote-PDF
  • Lataus Approval: CSA CA 7000-12841-0000000_ML242924_C6233-01_csa_z_a.pdf
  • Lataus Approval: CSA US 7000-12841-0000000_ML242924_C6233-81_csau_z_a.pdf
  • Lataus Approval: UL Registered CA 7000-12841-0000000_E224242-ECBT8_urc_z_b.pdf
  • Lataus Approval: UL Registered US 7000-12841-0000000_E224242-ECBT2_ur_z_b.pdf
  • Lataus Construction files: STP
  • Lataus Document: Installation guide 7000-12841-0000000_ina_x_01.pdf
  • Lataus Information: Certificate of conformity Murrelektronik GmbH 20-10-21_(1) California Prop65 No Warning_DoC_z_b.pdf
  • Lataus Information: Certificate of conformity Murrelektronik GmbH 07-02-23_(5) China RoHS 2 50EEP_DoC_z_a.pdf
  • Lataus Information: Certificate of conformity Murrelektronik GmbH 10-11-20_(1) RoHS REACh exception 6c_DoC_z_a.pdf

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