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Murrelektronik's New Online Shop

Ordering Made Easy

Murrelektronik is pleased to introduce its updated online shop. With a new interface, the revamped online shop is both modern looking and incredibly easy to use. With only a few clicks you can reach the right product for your job and proceed to ordering.

Over 30,000 articles are offered in Murrelektronik's new online shop. The shop itself has been restructured and now includes easy to use filters and an efficient search function. The right product can now be found quickly and easily. For those of you interested in the backside of things, our comprehensively expanded databases in the background make all of this possible. These databases also create the foundation for comprehensive downloads of manuals, configuration files and construction files. These files are shown next to the individual products and can easily be downloaded with the click of a mouse. Furthermore, a system of intelligent links (made up of over 100,000 new data sets) ensures that the appropriate accessories are shown for each product. This makes it easy to put together system solutions or to find alternative products when necessary.

Customers who register will receive access to even more great functions including the Data Cart. The Data Cart gives you a place to store the data sheets, manuals and construction files for the products you are interested in and then allows you to download them all with just one click. Registered customers can also store project-specific and customer-specific combinations of products in approval lists. These lists can then be shared with colleagues and suppliers. Now, everyone involved with a job will know which products have been approved for a project and should be ordered. Finally, registered customers are able to email the contents of their shopping cart to other members of their team - purchasing can order without worrying that they have ordered the wrong products or a client can verify that all of the parts are in the cart prior to ordering.

Another advantage to registration is pricing - a registered user will see their negotiated prices for each product as opposed to list pricing. They will also be able to see current availability and expected delivery time for each product. Having access to all of this information makes the new online shop the perfect tool for you, our customer. Browse it now!

By the way, the new Murrelektronik online shop has gone international! It is available not only in German, but also in seven more languages.

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